Build a Point of Sale application with HTML and JavaScript using SaaSConex's JavaScript SDK and Payment Terminal management service.

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SaaS Point of Sale

SaaSConex's JavaScript SDK and Payment Terminal management web services empowers you to build Point of Sale (POS) software with HTML and JavaScript on your SaaS platform.

JavaScript SDK

SaaSConex's JavaScript SDK communicates directly to a Payment terminal from your Web application. It has many easy-to-use functions that allow you to process transactions, configure terminal settings, display dialogs, and more.

Payment Terminal Management

When managing your payment terminals on SaaSConex, you can replicate your businesses relationships by creating multiple sub-partner and client accounts.


SaaSConex exposes its features over REST APIs. Our REST APIs allow you to manage users, sub-partners, clients, devices, view logs, and view billing information.


SaaSConex provides a sandbox that showcases the JavaScript SDK's functionality. On the Sandbox page you can evaluate your JavaScript code and try out the SDK's functionality.

The SaaSConex service is provided by Bluefin Payment Systems. If you want to trial SaaSConex or if you would like to learn more about our other Security and Payments services visit our Contact Us page.

SaaSConex in the Browser

Diagram of SaaSConex

SaaSConex's JavaScript SDK and web services empowers you to build Point of Sale (POS) software using HTML and JavaScript. Our SDK has a number of functions that allow a SaaS application control payment terminals, which are connected to the same local network as the SaaS application user's browser. The JavaScript SDK's functions enable processing of Credit and Debit card transactions, configuring terminal settings, displaying messages and dialogs, searching and controling other aspects of the terminal.

The SaaSConex web service maintains knowledge of a Payment Terminal's local network information (its IP address) and assigns a domain name to each terminal. The domain name is backed up with a valid SSL certificate on the terminal.

The SSL cert allows our JavaScript SDK and your SaaS application to securely communicate with the Payment terminal over HTTPS. SaaSConex Payment Terminals process their transactions on the PayConex payment gateway. PayConex is Bluefin’s state-of-the-art payment platform offering all payment products for U.S. and Canadian processing. PayConex's secure payment gateway services are backed by our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) service. PayConex can process Credit cards, Debit cards, ACH and E-Checks with support for recurring and subscription payments. PayConex also has reporting features.

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